Release Announcement: Rise of the Dragonfly

Hi all!

My first novel is officially published as of the end of May. I want to thank my editors, my beta readers, and everyone that cheered me on from NaNoWriMo last year to now.

Mask of the Dragon

A story of childhood innocence and the supernatural…

Abigail Palmer has known her imaginary dragon friend Dominic as long as she can remember. At age 16, she still hasn’t outgrown this constant companion, whom she has leaned on since the loss of her parents ten years ago. Dominic has always been under her complete control, his actions guided by her thoughts and feelings. But lately she’s noticed some disturbing changes.

Over the years the dragon has taken on a life of his own, and Abby is no longer sure she’s responsible for his behavior. She starts to wonder if something is wrong with her. Or… is “Dominic” more than what he seems? It’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out…

Mask is just the start. The series, titled “Rise of the Dragonfly” will have a sequel sometime this year or early next year if we can manage it.

I look forward to hearing what you all think. But don’t worry – love it or hate it, I’ll just be happy you gave it a try. Thank you!

Ashleigh D.J. Cutler (AshWolf Forever)

Ashleigh D.J. Cutler, better known online as “AshWolf Forever”, is an author and artist from Ohio in the U.S.A. She began building the Realm of Crystal Prism at the tender age of three. Since then, she has fought to bring it to life in a fashion that can be shared with the world.

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