On most authors’ websites, this page is called “my books” or “media”.  However, since I was three-years-old, when someone caught me working out my concepts and asked what on Earth I was doing, I only had one answer.

“Telling stories.”

The earliest of these “stories” were not written down, and the ones that were have been lost to computer failures. If Crystal Prism were a garden, they would be its seeds. No matter the media I present them in, these are, and will always be, my stories.

According to my notes, I have over sixty stories and fourteen series planned. Most will come to life in Print or E-Book form, while others will rise as Comics, Graphic Novels, or Animated Films. Which will be which remains to be seen. Stories and series are added to this page as they are finalized and get their own pages when published. Enjoy yourself and please have a look around. Clicking on each cover will take you to the story’s page where you can learn more.