Where You At, Ash?

Hi everyone!

So… since I got an ask over on Tumblr asking what happened to The Windwater Pack, Branded By Tears, and TLKTJE (The Lion King and the Jungle Emperor), I figured I better scoot back on over here and let you all know what’s up.

Real Life is being a major pain in my neck. And yes, go ahead and skip to the next paragraph as this is the part where I ask for money. *cough* I mean, ask you to become a Patreon or Ko-Fi supporter. My cashier day job is just barely covering the bills, and I need to out-source some things if I’m going to get anything done.

Branded By Tears in written form remains on hiatus. The scripts for the YouTube adaption / webcomic adaption are being completed as quickly as I can. Once those scripts are final, I’ll “novelize” them into the final version of Branded’s novella.

The Windwater Pack FILM is no longer an active project. Branded took its slot. “Book One” of the actual series, Spirit Brother, is being done as a web comic. But for the sake of consistency and freeing up time for me to work on Branded and plotting future projects, I pay someone to do the character sketches. They get paid about $4 a page, and really should be paid more, but I can barely afford that right now. They also have a life outside the project, ie school, and to me that takes priority.

The Lion King and the Jungle Emperor… is a PASSION PROJECT. I work on it in pieces here or there, but it’s not my focus. I can’t afford to spend too much time on it if I’m going to make any progress on Crystal Prism projects.

Two years ago, I released a “short read” called Long-Shot Gamble. It’s “gay Lady and the Tramp”, though future installments in the series will prove it’s more than that. It lacked any of the preparation I usually apply to my indie books. I did it solo.

This year, I passed to the main person I go to for editing or proofreading, as well as an individual I intend to work with in the future. It got a “solid B” grade. We’re working to bring that up to an A. (I’ll pass this a link to them and they can “out” themselves if they like.)

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know I’m a whirlwind of starting and stopping projects. I’ve been working on things offline, building up a queue, as I want to do better by you all. I don’t want any more hiatuses. But-

In the process of updating my office – upgrading the existing computers, condensing digital files, shopping around for further upgrades, organizing the physical workspace itself – I…

I erased my 40+ something plot list.


This included notes on the companion series to Rise of the Dragonfly my co-writer had passed to me. *Insert swearing here*

Now, I’ve had this happen before. If you’ve been around long enough, you’ll remember three different times my computers “committed suicide” as an ex-friend put it. And it’s happened before that, even. I’ve regularly had to rebuild my notes from memory or whatever scraps I could find. It’s a thing. I can do it again. It’s just going to suck.

If anyone wants to see pictures of the before and current office as well as hear all about what I’m trying to do, just let me know in the comments. :)

TL;DR: They’re not dead, but having the money to outsource more of this would get it done faster. (Also if I could offset the $180 my webhosting plan just cost me…)

Check ya later! I’ll have more updates as soon as I can. ~ AshWolf out

Ashleigh D.J. Cutler (AshWolf Forever)

Ashleigh D.J. Cutler, better known online as “AshWolf Forever”, is an author and artist from Ohio in the U.S.A. She began building the Realm of Crystal Prism at the tender age of three. Since then, she has fought to bring it to life in a fashion that can be shared with the world.

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