Review for Mask of the Dragon

Getting reviews is one of the most rewarding parts of being an author. Good or bad they help you improve. I just wanted to share this review of “Mask of the Dragon” with you all. Since its on deviantART, you might not have seen it. [There’s also a couple of blogs who’ve done reviews, one posted theirs on Amazon and Goodreads as well. I’ll let you look those up yourselves.]

Ashleigh D.J. Cutler (AshWolf Forever)

Ashleigh D.J. Cutler, better known online as “AshWolf Forever”, is an author and artist from Ohio in the U.S.A. She began building the Realm of Crystal Prism at the tender age of three. Since then, she has fought to bring it to life in a fashion that can be shared with the world.

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