On most authors’ websites, this page is called “my books” or “publications”.  But… 

“What are you doing, Ash?”
“Telling stories.”
~ Conversations 1988-2002

The earliest of these “stories” were not written down, and the ones that were have been lost to computer failures and drink spills. If Crystal Prism were a garden, they would be its seeds. No matter the media they are presented in, these are, and will always be, my stories.

According to my notes, I have over sixty stories and fourteen series planned. Most of these stories will come to life in Print or E-Book form, while others will rise as Comics, Graphic Novels, or Animated Films. Which will be which remains to be seen. Stories and series are added to the site as they are finalized or published.

Rise of the Dragonfly

 is a Christian-flavored young adult contemporary fantasy series that follows the spiritual and emotional journey of Abigail Palmer as she comes of age. The first book, Mask of the Dragon, was released in 2016. The second, Path of the Dragon, followed in 2017. The third, Heir of the Dragon, is still a Work-In-Progress.

Genre: Young Adult; Contemporary Fantasy
Setting(s): Columbus, Ohio USA
Installments: 3
Created: 2006-2015

Bo Jangles and the Renegade

is a Short Read series following a purebred pet and mixed-breed stray as they try to navigate their relationship from friendship to lifelong partners. The first installment, Long-Shot Gamble, was published in 2020. Six more are planned to follow. Once the seven are complete, a collection will be available in print.

Genre: LGBT romance, anthropomorphic fiction
Setting(s): USA
Installments: 7
Created: 2020