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There’s a Point in every story where, as a reader, if it continues beyond said Point, you are just left bored. There’s nothing left to say, but the storyteller keeps talking. When you reach that Point as an author, that’s when you stop and leave any further exploration to the fanfiction authors.

Ashleigh D.J. Cutler

So this month, I went to a local author event and had the pleasure of meeting several Ohio authors. It was a very pleasant experience but also has given me the chance to see Rise of the Dragonfly in a physical store.

One day I want to go to an event. And I want to say the quote at the top of this post. I believe in that quote, I believe there’s a time to move on and let your fans explore your world and the what ifs as an author.

My Patreon now offers access to the plots from my finished Rise books, as well as the unfinished/edited chapters to my recent project, Watching Shadows*. With NaNoWriMo just around the corner, I may be posting chapters again. Read along, and get the finished, edited ebook free.**

That’s all I have to say, really. Check ya all later. Thank you for following me, for reading, just… thank you.

*Watching Shadows was re-titled Branded By Tears
**Via a Smashwords code, which I am not sure I will be doing in the future.

Ashleigh D.J. Cutler (AshWolf Forever)

Ashleigh D.J. Cutler, better known online as “AshWolf Forever”, is an author and artist from Ohio in the U.S.A. She began building the Realm of Crystal Prism at the tender age of three. Since then, she has fought to bring it to life in a fashion that can be shared with the world.

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